Thursday, December 30, 2004

Thinking in 2004 - 5 most relevant things of my year

As I have done last year in my brazilian blog, I would like to highlight some good things of this year:
- My blog - I started blogging in October last year, but after joining a group discussion of New Kind of Christian book, I started to know a very nice bloggers community. I could know very good people in Brazil and US and I was very nicely encouraged through their comments and e-mails I have received. Besides this very important expericence to meet good people, the experience of blogging has been very nice, though last months I have been slow to write, I have maintained to visit other bloggers and I have received encouragement and inspiration by what has been shared by them.
- Orkut - Orkut had a great impact here in Brazil, surprisingly brazilians are 64% of all people in Orkut. The good thing in this system is to meet people and maintain them in your group. For me, it was great to be recognized by people I have not seen by long time as their friend, each time I saw people inserting me in their group, I felt good because of being remembered by them, each message of being inserted by old friends made my day! I have restarted to talk with some old friends, some other I will in the future, but this meeting at internet made difference to me. I have created two communities there but it has done a very slow path, but I have fun with other communities I am participating.
- Integral mission theology - I don't know if it is the term outside Brazil, but in this year I was introduced to this theme by nice books (most of which I will list later) and also in the church I have been going. It is a paradigm break not thinking about heaven so much, and starting make it happen here.
- My house - I could start to invest in my house as never before, my living room was totally changed after 11 years of marriage, Thanks to God I could do it. I think my house is much more functional after 2004.
- Business change - This year I felt the effects of the buying of the business I work for by a third part. Changes is though, we had to redirect our way of doing things according to new owner and sometimes we got frustrated mostly with the communication of news. I feel risky as never before, but I am deeply depended of the provision of God to me.

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