Thursday, December 30, 2004

Thinking in 2004 - My top 5 films

- Lord of the Rings- Return of the king - Fantastic film! Great Production and a great history. I am really looking forward the extended version for all trilogy
- The Last Samurai - I didn't want to see the film at movie, so I saw its DVD, that was not a great idea! This film brings a great lesson about humility and honor.
- The passion of the Christ - This was not entertainment, it was a great experience. A great use of movie resources in order to make the sacrifice of Jesus being understand and felt. My communions would be different from the film on.
- 50 first dates - It is a nice comedy, but brings us the lesson about how to conquer everyday. Frankly, I think I also should see a tape every morning telling about my story and what I am doing here.
- 21 grams - This is a very strong and deep film, we have to work throughout all story and give great lessons about what mean to live dying.

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