Monday, December 20, 2004

Not bad for Corinthians!

Yesterday our main soccer championship ended with the championship given to Santos, they beated Vasco yesterday and could win championship. Even with main players transfering to Europe, they could maintain their base and could bring other good players to maintain their power.
But I don't want to talk about Santos because I support Corinthians, I expected Corinthians to end at 15º place if not at the last places of championship, at the beginning of the year everything was wrong with us, we had few victories at the first matches, but we changed our Trainer and he could perform a wonderful job there, he could recover players stims and we returned to win matches again, even with a very small results (1x0 mostly), but we got the 5º place, for me, it is more than good.
Actually Corinthians signed an investment with a very suspicious group, I didn't like it, though they are bringing money to pay debts and bring better players, but we don't know from where this money come from.
I rather maintain Tite as our trainer and see what could happen with his long term work with small investment. Actually soccer clubs here don't have too much money to maintain good players here, we have to perform a different kind of work here with players at beggining career. This is our reality now.
We are still in 1st division and, this year, for me, it is fine.

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