Thursday, December 30, 2004

Thinking in 2004 - Introduction

At the beginning of this month (December) I was returning from office to my home expecting to take my doughter to her school (she would spent the night there) and I would go out with my wife in that rare night alone (me and my wife). When I was less than 20 minutes to get home, my car's gears started to crash and it could not go further anymore, it was took to the mechanincs workshop and spent there 3 days to be fixed, my weekend plans were totally frustrated. Not only my night plans were frustrated so I realized the same happened to many plans for the month (when I did not succeed in a job interview) and the year (when I expected to be engaged to a church project and community and some more frustrated plans). At that time that frustrating experience became one summary of my year.
But it is not fair to summary the year with angry thoughts, there is something to tell about my year, but a thing I also realized is that though sometimes you thing everything is very plain, you are not aware of all the seeds being sew and even more what God is doing that moment in your heart, and around you.
That is my mood when I started to summary 2004, my hopes remain for next year, even more because of the God I have been knowing and growing in His knowledge by these kind of experiences.
Like I did last year in my brazilian blog, I would like to highlight relevant experiences, books, films and postings (first time) for 2004. I hope to cover everything until tommorow (remember: this work is being done in portuguese also)

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