Thursday, December 30, 2004

Thinking in 2004 - My top 5 books

This year I have read as never before! I have tried to be prepare to when I got back to a ministry, I have got great lessons, I was confronted a lot and growed a lot also, I am looking forward to practice all of it:

- Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard - It is really a classic! It was the best study about the sermon of the mount I have ever seen. Also I have got a better comprehension about what means the "Kingdom of Heavens".
- Mustard Seed vs. McWorld, Tom Sine - That's a very intelligent and organized book. It has great insights about what means to be church and act today for the sake of the Kingdom. This book demands great action after its reading.
- A New Kind of Christian, Brian McLaren - Another striking book! It was very interesting to note the Modern mind influence in lots of faces of our churching day by day.
- Reimaging Spiritual Formation, Doug Paggit e Solomon Porch Community - This book gave me a great idea of what means an emergent church. It was awsome to note their authenticity and their faith in action
- Run with the horses, Eugene Peterson - That is a great reading, I could have a very nice idea of Jeremiah and realize how much his ministry is need in the evangelical jungle we live today.

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