Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Signal of changes?

Spoils shared as stars turn out for anti-poverty gala match (Yahoo!)

When I was younger, I liked when FIFA used to join Americans (mostly south americans) in a team and Europeans in another team for a soccer match. It was fun to see brazilians and argentineans in the same team, and it was fun to see the best soccer players of the world playing in the same game. Later Africans and Aseans joined both teams and we used to have a good entertainment.
Today Champions League in Europe promote games with a World Cup's level (if not better), teams in Europe seems to grab the best players in the world.
Yesterday we have the second match between Nike players (Ronaldo's team) versus Adidas' players (Zidane's team).
We are not used to see Europe x Americas anymore.
Signal of Changes?

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