Friday, January 14, 2005

Beginning 2005!

What kind of blogger am I! There is January 14th and I haven't posted nothing!
Surely stop blogging is not one of my new year resolutions!
Actually I would like to talk about my agenda for this year, but in these last two weeks I spent busy a lot working to guarant my next 10 days vacations!
When we try to prepare everything at work for vacation we got really needy for vacations! I have worked a lot! But Thanks to God, I am going very easy to our personal retreat. We are going to the beach, Summer in Brazil Southeast have lots of rain, but is also very hot, I am looking forward for nice sunny days but also for afternoons seeing the rain at our window.
So, if I had posted nothing yet for last two weeks, I will also be silent next week, because Internet will not be as available as now, so it will be difficult to post.
I was planning to talk about "Life Together", from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, which I have finished this week and also talk about "Emerging Church", from Dan Kimball which I am close to finish, but both comments will come together with my thoughts about my week in Ubatuba.
I love this city, I love its beaches and though I will probally face hard rains, listen to our calm sea will be wonderfull.
I am taking in my baggage Uprising, from Erwin McManus and also "Out of the question...into the mystery", from Leonard Sweet, just in case of more rain to come.
I count with your prayers!

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