Saturday, January 29, 2005

Lot of rain and lot of DVDs

I have just returned all films to the movie renter and became satisfied with I have saw. This week began with our city vacations, but we have rain almost all day, nice days to see some movies at home:
Starsky & Hutch - These series were at TV when I was a child, but I had not notice it enough. I thing Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are very funny partners. I though the interviews at extra also very funny.
Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind - That is a great movie, I liked to see an unrecognizable Jim Carrey, I think this flexibility is a characteristic for a great actor. I think this movie tried to show that our experiences make the difference to make us change in our lives, if we take out our memories we would take the same choices we could make earlier, these kind of choices will reflect our intact nature. From each experience we have, how do we react is very important, if we react with bitterness, we will be tied to our past in order to not release otheres. But if we get Jesus solution, that is forgiveness, we will be free from the past to live present and creat good memories for the future. I think this is a very nice movie to discussion.
Butterfly effect - That was another nice surprise of a comediant playing a serious film. I think it is like a post-modern "Back to the Future", the character is able to back to his traumatic moments of his life, fix them, but cannot avoid other consequences of this. I have found in DVD a nice retrospective about travel through time, we can note how is wished to be back on time to gain some grasp about our lives. Though a life that can be easily fixed will take out the opportunities to learn from mistakes and to make good turnarounds in life. I think these opportunities of turnarounds and to learn from mistakes make the life so precious, and make Jesus Christ the best answer of all for all that find theirselves tied to their hopeless lifes, Jesus is the only that can give a solution to all hopelessness and the sense that nothing can be turned to good.
The Village - I liked the surprise of this film that, by this time, it was not a supernatural thing, but a great surprise of what fear can generate.
Harry Potter and the prisioner of Azkaban - Cool film, but I think I don't have enough patience for this kind of film anymore. I reserved this film for my wife if The Village were a lot disturbing, but this was not the case.

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