Monday, January 24, 2005

An early weak up for the vacation week

I have three more days of vacation, I will be back to office on Thursday. All my dreams of vacation begins with late weak ups, these were not the case for the days in Ubatuba because we wished to get ready soon to spent larger moments at beach. This was not the case for today, I wished to get a quick drop on the bathroom at 6:30 and when I got back I could not sleep again.
Since I read the life of Jeremiah in "Run with the horses" every time I wake up early in the morning (and when I can stay at bed more), I feel I am called by God to a moment with HIm, I have few excuses now.
But it's ever been good, I opened my windows to breath the fresh air and I recall lots of moments when I was breathing fresh air at retreats and travels that made well a lot to me. I thanked God for all those moments and to be called to think about it.
Even more when I could read the Uprising chapter about gratitude, when you are greatfull you see grace, when you are not you became a child thinking you deserve everything you want, but now you know everything is not good for you. The other good thing about gratitude is that when you are grateful, you are able to forgive, to stop bitterness and to be free from the past and live present and future.
I believe I will talk more about this book, I have been like it a lot.
Time to buy the school list for my kid, she's vacation is also getting to end! But the day started better than I thought.

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