Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My First Bonhoeffer

I was told a lot about Dietrich Bonhoeffer so that in the first opportunity to read his books, when Life Together was chosen to be discussed in Rambling Reading, I got to buy other two other books from him.
Life Together tells about his community experience in a seminary he runned at Germany in Second War times. After his seminary was closed he was arrested and killed in a concentration camp in 1945.
I found very interesting his direct talk when telling his positions, there are many ideas that is being told today but surely without the deepness of Bonhoeffer.
One of the things I kept in my heart is how Communitty is essential and important, he tells how people that experience it today might be happy in detriment of many with a very small Christian witness, but though I live in a country with a lifting Evangelical witness, I also miss this kind of experience.
Bonhoeffer tells that the community in Christ is essential because through that, our brother tells to us in Christ, period. It is, through this kind of friendship, God uses our brothers and sisters to help us and to teach us. He is not telling about fellowship that is develop through barbecues and cafes post-services, but something deeper, he explained difference so that to experience community, we have to experience a kind of disapointment of community, so that we do not love people because of what they can bring to us, but love them because of Jesus Christ.
It is a hard journey, because it implies authenticity, integrity ang forgiveness but takes us to a very wished place that is the community Jesus purposed.
Surely all this things will be in my heart, and I hope to offer this kind of love from now on.

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