Tuesday, November 02, 2004

For a meaning to life

Latelly I was able to watch some movies and take advantage of my cabo subscription, so I could finally watch XMen United and Die another day (my wife loves 007 films), my difficulty to take advantage of cabo is to program yourself to be well at the time of the movie, I have been lost lots of movies because when it was at TV I was too tired or I was making anything else. There is another movie, (which I recorded in my VCR) that I was long expecting to see, The Good Girl, in Brazil the movie received another title :"For a meaning to life", this film catch my attention mainly because of Jannifer Aniston (ex-Friends) performing a drama, very far from Rachel Green.
She plays Justine a woman very upset with her life, she worked at a supermarket making up other women to sell make ups, that environment was very boring, also she was married to a pathetic house painter that used to grab is co-worker every night to her house to see TV and smoke marijuana. She looks prisioned to her life.
She met a boy, Haiden, who was also fed up with life, his parents were very far from him and just watched TV at night, he used to create some stories which the main character commited suicide at the end. They have an affair, but Justine felt greatly guilted, she even accept an invite from a creepy safety guard to attend to a Bible study meeting, she took her husband to recover her marriage but runs away when she saw a recepcionist of the hotel she usually had the affairs.
It is a disturbing movie, it is disturbing when you see some days like that, to be at night watching TV and seeing the life going away. But I thing the most disturbing thing is how we christian are providing the meaning of life for those kind of people that feel prisioned to their life, have no hope and surround us everyday. Sadly, many churches are just changing pathetic lifes in front of TV to pathetic lifes at programs in churches.
Jesus Christ gives us abundant life, living with him mean to share his redemption to all world, participate of a community of love and faith that lives fully love, Jesus have the answer that people are looking for, we have to live this answer and save people from the hell they are living now.

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