Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My Arts Day

Yesterday I take our holyday (Republic day) to make something different, so I decided to attend our XXVI Arts Bienal of São Paulo. As my ladies (wife and daughter) were getting ready to go (not so fast) I took a look at Solomon Porch Visual arts lounge, very nice! It made me wonder about expressions and how poorly we have explored art expressions generally at church, I saw good examples at Solomon Porch (at their art louge), Warehouse 242 (which assign a picture to each of their services) and Quest, I don’t know so many examples.
XXVI Bienal de São Paulo
My visit to Bienal was very funny, there are very nice things, very weird and also very funny ones, I was afraid my daughter Maria Ester would be scared of some weird installations, but she went fine. I think one of the great benefits of art is to get new point of views, see same things by different ways and get insights that you would never get in your day by day. I returned home willing to make art, to express myself by any way, may be Photoshop, or painting, don’t know.
If I wait more for it, the same will happen: nothing!
Today I read an article from Relevant about art and church: “Irrelevant to the Church”, it is ironic to realize that art and church relationship is very controversy, once you know that arts is considered the picture of the soul.

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