Sunday, July 25, 2004


Last Friday I have found a very interesting text about our church in Brazil written by Pr. Caio Fabio, "Sorry for the disgust" (the text is in Portuguese and I have tried to translate it to English, it is not as good, but I hope you will get some ideas of it). He confess a high level of discomfort of seeing Christianity as it is today.
We have more people claiming theirselves as evangelicals, we have more hours of services in TV, we have more evangelical products sold, but there are many problems arised. We have churches challenging african cults with the same tools of them, we have a large range of rituals preached for the sake of Jesus Christ, things much more sophisticated than Jesus Christ even thought!
I confess I share the same discomfort and it is hard to deal with that, in that times you are easily labeled as a guy taking part of the devil that doesn't like the revival we have here. I can't see any revival if we continue to have lots of poor people starving here far from be attended by them.
I am attend a kind of conference in the church I am going, today we have exposed one vision of what means the kingdom of God, the pastor concluded that we live a situation of repentance and claimness for a church that is large but very mistaked. Tomorrow we will have a preach called "The Gospel of the evangelicals and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God", it is ironic, Ithink  it have became different. 

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