Saturday, July 10, 2004


Thanks to God, last Thursday I prepared everything in office to be back there just on July 22nd. Now I am on vacation, I were to enjoy it on January, I had postponed to April but now it is the time!
That is the time to experience Sabbath, the rest God want us to do, 10 days is not so much to it but it is fine! A nice moment to refresh and to meet God and my family.
I spent the week watching weather forecast so with the rain forecast for our holliday (9 of July) I had to elect plan B, Serra Negra (mountain) and after Ubatuba (beach), I hope to rest some days in Serra Negra, but I would like to go to beach at least 3 days, Although it is winter here, sometimes we have 20 C to 22 C and for me it is fine, I have not gone to the beach this year, actually, last time I went to beach was July last year when I had gone to Fortaleza (very far from here, but wonderful), Ubatuba is 3 hours from here and I like this city very much, if at least I can walk in the beach it will be good.
In my baggage, I have not forget to pack "The Divine Conspiracy", from Dallas Willard, I am getting close to the middle of the book, I am enjoying it a lot, and also "Soul Survivor, how my faith survived the church", it recently launched the portuguese version for this book, I will check Amazon check list out later.
Well, I don't believe I will have internet in places I go (this is another kind of rest I will have), I hope to be back on 21st.
Need your prays.

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