Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Films of the weekend

As previously in last post, after a long time I could finally see some films that were in my interior list, but all at once, thanks to our winter that brings a kind of cold weather that is very hard due humidity, some friends told me that this kind of cold weather is sometimes worse than dry cold even with very low degrees, it has been an average of 14 C, but the best to do is to be at home and see some films, I would like to talk a little bit about them:
Saturday was like a trip to Japan with "The Last Samurai" and "Lost in Translation", the day after I have to offer my wife a lunch with Japanese food in shopping we went.
The Last Samurai - I though it a great film, at the beggining I was not taking it seriously because of Tom Cruise, but as I saw some comments about the film, I feel sorry for not seeing it at movie. One of the good comments I saw came from Sandro Baggio, a pastor of a emerging church also in São Paulo in February 24th (comments in portuguese), perhaps what I though is very close of what he wrote, what we saw from the Bushido is closer from what Jesus Christ said than the promises of being "head and not tail" or to have success and prosperity as I have been seen in many evangelical churches today, who readed The Sermon on the Mount with all sincerity and tried to change his life according to it as a disciple of Christ knows very well this kind of difference. The example of the woman that had to treat and to hospedade a man that killed his husband is a hard example for everyone, but according to Jesus is the example.
Lost in Translation - Since the beggining I thougt is as a very interesting film, when you see the making off you get very well impressed with the directress of the film (Sofia Copolla) about her simplicity and the kind of production she leaded. I got a very well idea of when you have to work abroad in a short time and you fell alone, mainly because you are very away from home. Apart from it you get a very nice idea of Tokio, you get nice shots of the city, the life of the people changes when they join their solitude and get to know better the city together The sad thing is that you fell that their loneness came from home, a very serious thing to think: how are we investing in our family in order to not make your partner feel loneny even with us.
Along came Polly - I like every movie with Ben Stiller and also with Jeniffer Aniston (as a good fan of Friends), a like it as a very soft comedy. I though it as a film about safety, I though aboug the false safety we search, Ben Stiller as a risk analyst took his job very seriously, and took it even to his choices of life, the problem is that when we get to analyze the kind of risks that affect us we will never have all info we need and we will be very far away of monitoring all variances of life, Jesus told very well about think about today, tomorrow will bring their own evil. It makes sense to trust absolutally in God, because he knows about those variances, but Jesus traced a perfect way to live withouth concerning about these kind of things.
Finally I would like to tell a little about Shrek 2, which I saw at the movie with my family, it is very amazing, mainly when you relate to other films. I was thinking that all the scandals we have been have have ruined all the trials to create good reputations many people constructed. We have discovered much hypocrisy behind the carpet until the Enchanted Prince and the Fade became the vilains of the film. People today wants authenticity, Jesus also asked for it, something that should be a consequence of every born agai Christian.

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