Monday, July 19, 2004

I'm back

With the cold weather coming for the weekend and a place in Ubatuba that is not as well sophisticated as wished, Ubatuba became a bad place to stay I Friday I have backed home.
Our week in Serra Negra was very nice, it is always good to be all times with my wife and my doughter, we enjoyed a lot the farm and their warm covered swimming pools, to take some saunas, to fish for the first time (and to get a big fish for the first time). I could finally rest as I could. It was interesting to see some movement created by a priest of the Catholic church in that farm, he created like a intensive First Communion course, the families went to the farm and the kids attended these classes in the morning and in the afternoon. I think it was interesting the kind of opportunitty the priest and the farm created. Mission is a matter of opportunity
The rainy Saturday was a day to reorganize home and to finally see some films, I could see The Last Samurai, Lost in Translation and Along came Polly very nice films, but I will talk about that later...

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