Saturday, February 05, 2005

License to sin

It's Carnaval, this is our biggest holliday, as it usually stays at the beggining of the year, most people (and even business) uses to take the year seriously after Carnaval, in January people set up their vacations and Carnaval is a sign that after that, most people are back to work. Even churches have slow attendance in January and waits this holliday to start their seasons.
This a huge holliday, it's ever on Tuesday, and people back to work after Wednesday ashes. As it is a big holliday, we have many churches seting retires to youths, I used to go every Carnaval to a retire, I had good moments on that. As I lost contact with youth ministry, now I'm at home.
Carnaval was a ancient party tolerated by church where people used to have a more free behavour before ashes, this is the spirit of the party here (except for the observation of lent), people go to party very ready for casual sex. We have parties at TV with a very liberal behaviour.
It is ironic the origin of this party, it implies a very religious concern but in a legalistic context, where the sin is a need to be avoided instead of a bad thing that brings bad consequences to ourselves and to our relationship with God.

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