Saturday, February 19, 2005

What happens when you are hard to forgive.

Last Monday we have a great event of pseudo-marriage (they could not really marriage because they are not divorced) of Ronaldo, our best soccer player. It was a very great opportunity to spread all kinds of gossips. Ronaldo chose the Chantily (France) castle to marriage and spent millions of dollars to guarantee it would be a dream come true.
It was sad to see all his friends with very serious faces going to the celebration, they seemed too worry because of the press and lots of photos. Ronaldo builded a very solid scheme to block all press to his marriage, later we will have the fortunate guy that could take some photos of it. It was discussed a lot, celebreties need the press to climb but move them out later.
The sadiest think was when Daniela (the bride) expelled a girl that entered the pary together with a gest (her friend). She had problem with this girl earlier when she used to date another guy in Brazil. The thing is that people are talking more about the expelling than the marriage itself. The girl is a model and her payment lifted 900% after what happended.
It happens when you are hard to forgive, when you are intentional to show that people must be punished, they got to be rewarded by your anger.

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Rick said...

wow - good story. thanks for sharing!

and your interview questions are posted back at my site, friend :)